Quantas classes vão haver?

Serão 4 classes. Guerreiro, Assassino, Mago e Meio-Demônio. Cada classe terá 2 especializações, que diferencia as suas habilidades.

Todas as classes começam no mesmo lugar?

Sim, todas as classes começam no primeiro mapa do reino selecionado .

Como será o sistema de atributos do item?

Você tem 4 Atributos. Força, Inteligência, Vitalidade e Destreza. Após cada nível acima, você obtém 4 pontos de atributos, que você pode distribuir entre os atributos.

Haverá grupos?

Sim, você pode convidar outros jogadores para participar de um grupo para se aventurarem com eles.

Quantos reinos existem?

Existem 2 reinos. Caratas e Jerro.

Os reinos são inimigos?

Sim. Jogadores de outros reinos podem lutar uns contra os outros em PVP

Existe um sistema de melhoramento de itens?

Sim. Você pode melhorar os valores de seus itens, levando-os ao ferreiro. Cada item sobe ao nível +10, sendo cada nível um melhoramento em relação ao anterior. Entretanto, o melhoramento também pode falhar, fazendo com que o item desapareça. Além disso, os itens podem ser melhorados por encantamento. Os itens recebem bônus aleatórios que podem ser trocados quantas vezes forem necessárias.

Will there be an auction house?

There will be no auction house for the early release. It is open to debate whether there will ever be one. It depends on the wishes of the community.

Can you trade with other players?

Yes, you can trade tradable items with other players through a trading window

Is there a friends option?

Yes, you can add other players as friends

Is it possible to get married?

It will not be possible to get married in the early release. But it will be possible in the future.

Is there a guild function?

It will not be possible to start a guild for the early release. However, it will be implemented later in the game.

When will the guild system be integrated and which features will there be?

There will be no guilds for the release. However, they should be implemented in the game very soon. In addition, there should also be guild maps, as well as visual affiliation, for example in the form of a guild tattoo

How detailed is the character creation screen?

When creating characters, you can customize the body, face and hair. You can reshape the body and face as desired, while the hair can be selected from a specific selection.

Will the horse riding animations change?

Yes. The animations will be edited and improved in the future.

Do I have to spend money to keep up with other players?

No. The game will not be based on pay2win.

What are the advantages of players who invest a lot of money?

Players who invest a lot in the game do not have many advantages. Above all, you will stand out visually from the crowd. Whoever invests money in the game can help the developers to continue working on the game and thus keep it alive.

How can I see which language other players speak?

You can't see that in the game yet. But this is definitely a point that we will think about in the future how we can make it possible.

What updates are planned?

Cross platform for mobile phones (with the update from early 2020) Playable on Linux (in the following updates) Cross platform Xbox, Playstation, Switch (in the following updates) Reading of the quest texts by voice-over artists Guilds including a private guild card with buildable buildings, NPCs and resources Skins for weapons, equipment and pets Tattoos and logos on characters and equipment (“guild emblem”) Different jobs Marriage Pets & Mount Accessories Karma level for quests weekly updates!

I found a bug in the game, what can I do?

You can report the bug by pressing the ESC key.

Is it possible to kill another player without being involved in a duel?

Yes, you can change your options, which allows you to kill other players without a duel. If you do this, however, it can have negative consequences for the character.

Will there be an official game forum?

There will be no official forum at the beginning. However, if the game develops in the direction that a forum is needed and the community wants it, we could do it.

What will the skill tree look like and how does the progress system work?

From level 5 you can choose to specialize in your class. From then on, each class has 6 different skills. For each level up you get a skill point, starting at level 5. It is recommended to skill each skill to at least 1 point. Each skill has 4 different understandings: Basic → Master → Grandmaster → Perfect Level 1-19 Basic At level 20 the skill jumps to the next understanding “master” Skills with the understanding master have levels M1-M10 and can only be trained with an item. The item disappears after it has been used. At level M11 the skill jumps to grand master. Skills with the understanding grandmasters have levels G1-G10 and can only be trained with an item. The item disappears after it has been used. With G11 the skill jumps to its last level Perfect. From then on, the skill can no longer be trained.

Will the graphics and gameplay be improved in the future?

Yes, both the game and gameplay as well as animations will be improved in the future.

Is there a limit to the number of dungeons I can do in a day?

That will show in time whether this is necessary. Should it be necessary to make the game more balanced, this will definitely be implemented.

Is there a weight limit for the inventory?


Is a progress directly affected by item shop items? For example: Does the chance to improve your skills increase or the time to improve your skills decrease?

This type of item will not be available in the item shop. If such items are available, then only in-game and accessible to everyone

Will crafting be implemented at release?

No, crafting will not be possible for the release. That will be implemented later

Will special weapons be craftable or lootable?

A crafting system is planned. Whether one can craft weapons has yet to be discussed. All items are lootable in some way

Can the characters swim?

The characters will not be able to swim or jump on release.

Will there be group quests?

There will be no group quest for the release. These will be implemented later.

Will there be an archer specialization for assassins?


Will the community be able to comment on the development of the game?

Yes, the community can give us feedback on the game at any time. We will try to collect the feedback as best as possible in order to develop the game accordingly. For many updates, polls are started in Discord.

What is the maximum level? Will the content be expanded?

The maximum lvl for the release is 60. The content and the max. levels will certainly be expanded in the future.

What is an early access?

Inferna is released in early access. So you can play and support Inferna from an early state. This means that the game has been officially released, but does not yet have all the features that the developers have created. Only then will the game be complete someday. The game will not be reseted after early access. So far, everything should work in Inferna (of course there are always bugs). The game is still in version 0.x and therefore has only the basics of an MMORPG. From then on, the game will be developed with the support of the community. Patch 1.0 is usually the patch that completes the game. Everything after 1.0 is just updates, new ideas, etc. All under 1.0 = Incomplete game.

What is inferna Share?

Inferna program “Inferna Share” allows players to earn money with Inferna. Inferna Share users are referred to as contributors. Members of the program will receive $0.15 per player actively* playing the game through you. In addition, the contributor receives 10% of the net revenue Inferna earns from referred players.

How do I know which players I have recruited?

Contributors can share referral links on their channels. If a user clicks on this link he will be redirected to the Inferna page and will be added to a user list which can be assigned to the contributor. The user is stored in this list for 2 days. If the user registers for the game within 2 days, he will be assigned to the contributor as a recruited player. After 6 months, players are automatically removed from the list so that their future actions are no longer assigned to the contributor.

When will I receive my money?

Payments are made 2 months after the end of the quarter. These times may vary depending on your bank or PayPal.

Does my country have an own server?

There will be only one server for all players.

Will the team be available ingame to answer questions?


Will there be support in different languages on „Bug Report“ section?

It would be best to do the bug report in English as it is the language that all developers can speak.

Is crossplay available from day one?

No. The game will be released on December 20 on Steam for Windows. Other platforms such as Linux, IOS, Android, PS4 xBox One will follow later

Will updates be free?


What plans do you have regarding the item shop?

The game will be free2play. In the item shop mainly cosmetic items will be offered for sale.

Will it be possible to pay through Steam?


What languages will the game be available in?

English, German, Polish, Turkish, Spanish, French, Romanian, Arabic, South Korean, Indonesian.

What payment model will the game have? Will there be fixed exchange rate other currencies in In-Game Shop?

All payments are made through Steam and the options it offers.

Are you planning to expand the development team after the release?

Yes, if the game is successful and the earnings allow it.

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