Bonhai, Smith
Hizashi, Smith

The Smith System is a game mechanic that allows the improvement of attributes present in the equipment of all characters in general. The same that requires gold and materials found when eliminating different monsters scattered throughout the maps. The maximum upgrade level is +10 , from +7 weapons and armor will flash a characteristic glow corresponding to their level.

To know all the materials, the probability and the costs to improve any object of your equipement, you can find them in all the tables of the equipment topics.
Do you want to improve your equipment without the risk of the blacksmith destroying it? We invite you to review our topic of Zagan's Guide

The blacksmiths are located in the main cities. You can locate them on the mini map with the icon of an anvil (Table 1) or using our interactive map

Table 1. Smith location

The night of Infernumantis

Hundreds of years ago, the family of blacksmiths were one of the best known by all the kingdoms of Pangea, they worked hard with objects imported from other cities for the improvement of equipment for military unions and royal families.

One day the Regiises family summoned all the blacksmiths of Pangea in Orin, to show him all the innovations in weaponry that they had created and thus improve their defenses due to the strong rumors that notified them of a coup.

In the afternoon of that same day, already within the lands of Orin, while the blacksmiths and merchants were resting for a moment during the long journey in which they were venturing, a guard who guarded the area observed from the distance a storm that was approaching very quickly, so without thinking it warns the entire caravan.

Tamato, Blacksmith

But it was too late, this storm reached them in seconds and from this strong winds blew with loud thunder that impeded their mobility in the area. The dense storm and thunder prevented the possibility of observing the environment.

In the background, strange noises similar to growls, were heard and different unfamiliar lights surround around them. Suddenly, the floor began to shake and when people came out of their tents where they were sheltering, they observed how the earth was splitting in two and a large number of monsters emanated from it.

The guardian with the little visibility he had, could distinguish at a distance that a woman was about to be attacked by a huge monster with the body of a lion and a face very similar to that of a human. With difficulties between the wind and the trembling, he reaches the woman and with his sword threatening the strange creature from the front, a second before being attacked by such a majestic beast …

The floor collapses, slowly the guardian can watch as everyone he is consumed by the earth, between screams and cries, the last image that he manages to observe, is the beautiful face of said woman that he held tightly with his arm.

The lost blacksmith

Tamato's horse

Tamato was one of the most prestigious blacksmiths of the time, after having specified a request from the King of Caratas, he headed towards Orin, where the meeting of the blacksmiths would take place.
Crossing the desert, while riding his horse, he observed a sandstorm that was different from the others, since it was coming at a very high speed directly towards him, so he reached him in a matter of a couple of minutes.

Being inside the storm, the sand began to thicken, making it difficult for his horse to advance, until the moment when the horse was completely static. The blacksmith completely taken aback, observes a strange glow coming from the ground and from one moment to another, a lightning strikes him and his horse causing the blacksmith to fall to the ground.

The sand was slowly absorbing his body and the last thing he managed to see was how a strange aura of fire surrounded his horse as he lost consciousness …

The decline of blacksmiths

During the war between the nations of Caratas and Jerro, one of the main objectives of the war was to weaken the military power of the opposing kingdom, being victims of this: the blacksmiths.
Many blacksmiths have lost their lives in disputes over territory or because of the monsters appearing from the rifts. So the number of these has drastically decreased.

Due to the high demand for work by the fighters of the nations, the small number of existing blacksmiths and their aging, they become less and less efficient. The higher the level of the weapon, the more complex the refining process, which drastically decreases the probability of success of them and increases the cost of improvement.

But help is on the way…

Instructions for refining an object

A: You can drag from your inventory or press the ALT key + Right click, to enter the object you want to refine in the first box.
B: This box shows the possible result of refining the object that you placed in the first box.
C: These are the materials required to refine the object.
D: This is the probability to refine the object.
E: This is the total cost of refining the item.

Finally, to improve the object, click on the Refine button

When the refining is successful the object advances to the next level, otherwise the following warning will appear:

Failed refine window

Equipment +7
Rarity: Uncommon
Equipment +8
Rarity: Rare
Equipment +9
Rarity: Rare
Equipment +10
Rarity: Epic

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